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Who are they?

With over 70 years of collective industry expertise, The UEI Group companies are the unmatched leaders in the foil stamping and embossing industries. They are your best choice for state-of-art dies, high quality stamping foils, and make-ready supplies.

Product Range

Unisphere Hot Stamping and Embossing Cylinder:
Precision engineered Solid brass Rotary for hot-stamping and embossing. Aluminium and Stainless Steel are available for embossing cylinder.

Econofoil / Unisleeve Hot Foiling System:
A patented rotary hot foiling system. It is cost-effective option for rotary hot stamping. It uses a customizable die sleeve that fits onto a reusable and economical priced mandrel.

Flatbed die for Narrow Web and Sheet-fed Presses:
Available in Copper and Brass.
UEI’s Copper dies utilize the exclusive GPC® Photoetching System. While UEI’s Brass dies uses highly skilled brass engravers and exclusive CNC - Unigrave® Process to obtain artistic realism.

UniLock-Up NXT Speedchase system:
The latest advancement in foil stamping and embossing. It replaces outdated honeycomb chase technology with a sleek new chase system that uses pneumatic pins to register and remove the die plate. It coupled with superior magnetic force to hold the plate. It’s a must-have system for anyone using large format equipment.