Betting on technology

Who are they?

They are a aynamic and innovative company with over 20 years experience in researching and developing flexible dies for the label and packaging industries. They offer one of the highest quality and longest lasting cutting tools in the market. They use the best raw materials and state-of-the-art technology to provide very precise rotary, semi-rotary and flat-bed tools. Over 98.5% of flexible dies are despatched within 24 hours after receiving the order.

Product Range


STANDARD Series: Common die for Self-adhesive label market.
ALTIUS Series: Specially designed die for cutting thick materials. E.g. RFID Label, Multipage “Booklets”, Cardboards, Altius dies are divided into 4 categories according to height of the cutting edge:
  • A.06 (0.5 mm – 0.6 mm)
  • A.08 (0.6 mm – 0.8 mm)
  • A.10 (0.8 mm – 1 mm)
  • A.15 (1 mm – 1.5 mm)
OCS Series: Die cut for offset machine to enable die-cutting at the same time as printing.


HARD: Hardening process for a longer die life, particularly for full cut project, thermal material, abrasive, plastic and special adhesive such as hot melt.
ENDURO: Plasma treatment for an even longer run.
ANTI-TASK: Non-Stick coating which repels any type of dirt, adhesive or ink residue. This new treatment allows improved speed and quality of waste removal and drastically reduces time spent cleaning the plates.
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