Print faster for longer with less energy and no downtime

Who are they?
GEW is the world leading manufacturer of UV curing equipment for printing and coating applications. In 2015 GEW won the EDP Award for best print support tool for their LED UV system.
GEW is a global company who designs and manufactures Arc lamps and LED UV systems for UV curing ink on conventional and digital printing presses (label, narrow web, wide web and metal decoration). Their systems are used for printing, marking and coating, and a wide range of industrial applications.
GEW’s focus on long term support and customer care ensures their UV systems run efficiently throughout the life of the machine to which they are fitted. All staff at GEW are committed to supplying effective UV curing solutions as are Press Systems, their exclusive distributor in South-East Asia.

Product Range

E2C: The most powerful low energy UV system for narrow web presses. Patented design for fastest printing speeds, maximum machine uptime, lowest substrate temperatures and ease of maintenance.

NUVA2: Most effective UV technology for metal decorating and wide web industrial applications. Fully air cooled, safe for heat sensitive substrates, supports fastest printing speeds.

ArcLED: The only futureproof hybrid technology enables seamless interchangeable UV curing combining Arc and LED technology. ArcLED allows Arc UV technology to be simply and cost effectively upgraded to LED maintaining full backward compatibility.

RHINO Power Supply: Low operating cost and energy savings, fail-safe operation, built for the harshest environments, embedded service package for proactive downtime avoidance, peak performance and highest efficiency.

RHINO: UV systems are supported by a comprehensive five-year warranty.
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